Federal and state governmental regulations mandate that a portion of each utility company's energy portfolio comes from renewable sources. At the same time, consumers continue to demand sustainable energy options at competitive rates without compromising reliability.

sPower's Utility Energy Division is focused on generating high performance, sustainable power at a low cost with minimal disruption to existing utility partners’ operations. Utilities trust in sPower’s proven track record of responsible development, interconnection, permitting, construction and O&M to help them meet their sustainable energy requirements.

sPower strives to relentlessly deliver reliable, dependable and cost-competitive renewable energy options. To accomplish this, we:
• Evaluate for purchase utility-scale energy projects with PPAs and site control.
• Partner with technology and equipment manufacturers.
• Engage in greenfield development in most markets and with targeted utility programs.
• Own and/or operate projects and maintain quality assets for its customers.

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We help utility companies meet their renewable portfolio requirements

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