sPower has a portfolio of 150+ operating projects in the US. We focus on utility-scale renewable energy projects, whether solar, wind or other technologies. With more than 6.7 gigawatts between construction and pipeline, our portfolio continues to expand as we strive to meet growing sustainable energy needs across North America.

We believe that our best work is done patiently and efficiently, with an intense focus on timely project completion within budget. The sPower team’s knowledge, coupled with its decades of expertise in energy services, allows us to deliver renewable solutions that are customized for each of our partners – whether utilities, municipalities, schools or other entities. We take the necessary time to fine-tune technologies and financial models to ensure our ability to deliver quality projects with lower investment costs.

We are committed to building lasting relationships with landowners, vendors, investors, utility partners and communities. sPower projects provide construction and operations jobs, payments to landowners and revenues for local communities – all the while helping to reduce harmful carbon emissions and delivering affordable, sustainable energy to rate payers.