As an experienced, full-cycle renewables developer and energy generation company, sPower believes in building strong relationships. Our seasoned team works closely with landowner partners to understand and achieve customized, individual needs. We communicate and work closely with landowners from the beginning stages of site discussions to completion of the development.

sPower is a proven leader in sustainable energy with the capabilities to expeditiously address issues – and the commitment to find the best solutions. Established relationships with county jurisdictions mean we are able to move quickly through the process of getting permits and environmental approvals; through all phases of construction; and through obtaining interconnectivity for each project.

Our renewable energy projects are designed to afford minimal disruption to the land. We are continuously searching for new, innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to achieve the mutual goal of turning unused property into a clean energy asset for partner communities.


Do you think your land might be right for a sustainable energy project?

• sPower is actively seeking landowner partners to develop sustainable energy projects.
• Plus, landowners with existing sustainable energy assets can benefit by liquidating current land leases through a partnership with sPower.

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