Sustainable Power
sPower (Sustainable Power Group), headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with a satellite office in San Francisco, CA, is a leading independent power producer (IPP) which owns and/or operates more than 130 utility and distributed electrical generation systems across the US. With a project pipeline greater than a gigawatt, our portfolio of operating projects spans Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Utah.

Established in 2012, sPower is led by a seasoned management team with a 20-year proven track record of working together to successfully manage multifaceted public and private organizations in the energy sector. sPower Executive Chairman, Steve Creamer, CEO, Ryan Creamer and CFO, J. I. "Chip" Everest lead a strong team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry. Our expertise encompasses a complete range of in-house capabilities including assessing and executing land purchases and project acquisitions; permitting, regulatory, transmission and interconnection; finance; engineering and project construction; and operations and maintenance. sPower's leadership is united in maintaining the highest standards and values in guiding the company's daily operations; setting and achieving strategic long-term goals; and establishing and cultivating longstanding partnerships with utilities, suppliers and host communities.

Our Commercial Energy division owns and/or operates distributed energy projects for schools, universities, cities, corporations and more; while our Utility Energy division focuses on delivering distribution-level projects in important markets. Our Land division enables us to own and lease land for sustainable energy projects beyond those that are owned or operated outright by sPower, augmenting our ability to lead and influence the broader energy market.

Amongst the key reasons for success is sPower's ability to provide our own construction period financing and equity financing. Additionally, ongoing relationships with influential and prominent global banks provides sPower access to incremental and substantive financing (taking advantage of solar energy development federal tax benefits as well as establishing long-term revenue streams via solar power purchase agreements).

sPower's three-prong operating strategy consists of a balance between 1) developing early stage projects;2) acquiring and then running late-stage sustainable energy projects; and 3) procuring fully operational assets.sPower's unprecedented growth (2013 acquisition of Tioga Energy's operating assets; 2014 merger with Fir Tree Partner-backed developer of solar projects, Silverado Power; and 2014 acquisition of Bosch North American operating assets) has secured our position as a leader in the sustainable energy market. We uniquely possess the leadership, vision, ability and resources to plan, fund, purchase, build, own and operate complex energy installations across a variety of segments.

Whether it is hydro, wind, solar, biomass or even technologies yet to be invented, sPower is ready to take on the world's renewable energy challenges. At sPower, wherever we look, we see sustainable energy opportunities.

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Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is deeply rooted in a set of four dynamic core values that guide our approach to doing business.

We strive to provide value-driven project solutions.
Partnering effectively with key stakeholders to execute high-quality renewable energy is our primary goal. We take a collaborative approach to project development and problem solving because, as experienced entrepreneurs and technologists, we have learned to nimbly make the necessary choices to deliver the highest quality and best value projects.

We are patiently focused on delivering quality projects efficiently.
At sPower we believe that our best work is done patiently and efficiently with intense focus on timely project completion. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to take a broad view of the sustainable energy project lifecycle. Our dedication to quality is grounded in the necessary time to fine-tune technologies and financial models, thus delivering quality projects with lower investment costs. And successful large scale projects result in opportunities to create substantial spending value to rate payers.

We work as a multidisciplinary team with a holistic view supported by a breadth of experience.
Our management team, comprised of experienced experts in engineering, transmission/interconnection, marketing, finance and operations, is individually and collectively focused on executing the necessary strategic imperatives that drive growth and deliver value.

We are committed to demonstrating honesty and transparency in all of our business activities.
Honesty and transparency are at the core of all of our business activities. We place the highest value on the relationships we have with our landowners, vendors, investors and utility partners, believing that our success depends on true, hands-on partnerships defined by mutual respect, committed support and integrity.

sPower prides ourselves on a successful history of working closely with local communities to build renewable energy facilities. Our measured approach prioritizesthe needs of local communities, landowners and investors without compromising the needs of utility companies and rate payers.

Through our experience in building and operating quality sustainable energy generation plants, we have learned how to carefully protect the environment while creating sustainable, local jobs.

We firmly believe that by placing the utmost priority on our community partners while balancing local political guidelines and environmental laws, we can deliver cost efficient and sustainable projects. sPower is working to provide clean energy, at affordable prices, while serving the greater need of the community to create jobs and contain the damaging impact of carbon and greenhouse-gas emissions for our future.

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